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  4. Tales of the unobserved

  5. 20 años entre fotos ya mami no esta pero nos queremos mas que nunca #familybusiness #lospiñero y #laboria #love

  6. Break da Bank School Boy Q. He really is the “Man of the Year”

  7. Jake suit on my new 3D 46” TV.

  8. Redes de apoyo Familiar en el Bo. Las Vegas, Cayey. (en Barrio Las Vegas)

  9. Moped, Barri Gotic, Barcelona.

  10. Thursday’s lunch. Kale, plantain, mushrooms and tomatoes. Veggie sandwhich.

  11. Kale chips pa la dieta, diablooooo! Awesome. #kale #chips #kalechips #snack

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    Was meant to go to bed but took some pictures instead.

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  13. at Miami International Airport (MIA)

  14. @gniera IPA pa ti (at Miami International Airport (MIA))

  15. MIA. Connection (at Miami International Airport (MIA))